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Jurasoft AG focuses on innovative technologies to optimise the working cycle between classic office IT and mobile devices.

With our brand DictaNet we help companies and people to simplify their workflows by the productive use of speech.  In the field of legal dictation software, we are the German market leader.


The company Jurasoft was founded in 1997 in Berlin by Dr. Peter Becker.  He ran his own law-firm from 1976 to 1989 and as a side-line developed an integrated law-firm organisation concept (completely new for that time) based on microcomputers.  From 1989 onwards his main focus was programming this concept as the “RA-MICRO” software.  He designed the software for practical testing in his own office and also oversaw the programming, until the change from DOS to Windows in 1995.

Dr. Becker also developed the digital dictation system and the "DictaNet" brand, with the integration of Dragon speech recognition software in the 1990s.  This is widespread in many thousands of installations in various European countries and still finds a considerable number of new customers every month.

From the very beginning of the development of speech recognition, DictaNet has been involved in research and development together with US companies. The result today is a highly productive integration of the world's leading Dragon speech recognition with a specific solution: DictaNet PC Speech Recognition for a profound increase in writing performance.

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