DictaNet Online Speech Recognition system

Speech recognition anytime, anywhere


Allows you to work autonomously, anytime and anywhere using our Online server in the internet. The DictaNet Online Speech Recognition converts your recording directly into written form.


  • Mobility: Online speech recognition can be used universally for e-mails, surveys, interviews, articles and dictations. You can receive your DictaNet App Recorder recording as a text document on your mobile device using Online Speech Recognition.
  • Dictation workflow: You can send your recording and the written form directly to your typist for correction and further processing.


  • Best possible recognition accuracy
  • High security during the transmission of dictations and documents (also outside the office)
  • Pre-configured legal vocabulary with over 30,000 technical terms (German basic vocabulary, English basic vocabulary including German legal technical vocabulary)

DictaNet Online Speech Recognition is an extension to the DictaNet App Recorder and the DictaNet Office Player.

Dictation solution in combination with DictaNet Office

  1. Dictate with the DictaNet App Recorder
  2. Send to DictaNet Online Speech Recognition via the DictaNet Office Player
  3. Receive finished speech-recognized document at DictaNet PC workstation

Mobile speech recognition system with DictaNet App Recorder

  1. Dictate with the DictaNet App Recorder
  2. Send directly to DictaNet Online Speech Recognition
  3. Receive the finished text on your mobile device

System requirements

Minimum Intel Core i5

Working memory:
min. 8 GB RAM

Free hard-disk space:
5 GB free

Operating system:

  • Win 7
  • Win 8 / 8.1
  • Win 10